Avoid elements that can wear on the plating’s, such as perfume, body oils, water, soap, or sunscreen. Over time, these can break down the finish on the jewelry, so put your jewelry on once these are absorbed in the skin. To preserve your jewelry, store it in a jewelry roll or the sealed bag it arrived in.  We recommend that you store each piece separately to prevent scratching.  

Avoid wearing our metal jewelry to the beach, swimming pool, or to your workout.  Chlorine, salt water, and perspiration can severely discolor and ware on your jewelry.  Please also be mindful of your jewelry around hard, rough surfaces as there is a possibility of them scratching or damaging your jewelry on contact. Cosmetic Hideaways prides themselves with high quality standards, using brass base metal and genuine gold, Rhodium, and Rose Gold plating.  Please note that like all plated metals over time and with heavy wear plating will tarnish.    


To clean your jewelry, we recommend using a soft polishing cloth, these are gentle on plated metal, and will clean debris with little effort.

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