I always felt that empowerment came from feeling “put together”. This means stylish fashion, great hairstyle, but most importantly my lipstick painted on perfectly. Since I work a busy corporate job, my lipstick was not always close by. I would find that multiple times a day I would want my lipstick with me and it was always at my desk or buried in my purse. Then the idea came to me, I wanted a necklace with a container that could carry my lipstick, but it had to be stylish and fashionable. I searched and searched for a product like it, and was shocked when I found it did not exist. I knew what I had to do, I was going to create it. That was the start of Cosmetic Hideaways, where sophisticated style redefines mixing business with pleasure.


Now when I’m on my way to a power luncheon, I have my lipstick available to me at all times. I find it perfect for sporting events and even a night out on the town. Cosmetic Hideaways is the perfect way to carry my favorite lip product without a bother of a handbag or bulging pocket. My promise to you is that Cosmetic Hideaways will allow you to carry your lipstick in a fashionable accessory that will change your life forever.  It is the ultimate fashion statement that allows you to navigate the day’s adventures, free and easy.  


​With its patent pending design, each Cosmetic Hideaways design will fit the top selling brands of lipstick on the market today empowering you to have your lipstick accessible to you all day.  The first collection being released will fit the size of travel lipstick and lip balm. Cosmetic Hideaways is the game-changing accessory that takes the absolute essential from your handbag to wearable fashion.





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